Chocolate truffles are traditionally made with ganache shaped into rough spheres by hand and covered in cocoa powder. The powdery coating and imperfect shaping of the confections make them appear similar to dirt covered truffles – the famed culinary fungi. Chocolate truffles are easy to prepare at home and make irresistible desserts that will make you a welcome guest at any holiday party. Even though the center of a truffle is traditionally ganache, truffles can be made with a variety of fillings ranging from nuts to caramel to nougat. When not made with ganache, these truffles are generally coated in a thin shell of hard chocolate.

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At Locolat, Niel and Ada make an array of cupcakes fresh and from scratch, everyday in their shop on Florida Avenue. Using the finest quality, fresh, and season ingredients – Niel and Ada create a distinctive taste, each cake sophisticated and delightful. With seducing flavors ranging from the simple to the old-fashion classic, along with seasonal, holiday, and catered events. Locolat will also make a cake for any and every special event.

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