Where Belgian Chocolate is considered to be the gourmet standard by which all other chocolate confections are measured. At Locolat Niel & Ada still follow the tradition of making the chocolate by hand using original equipment & creativity. A tradition that you will not find in American chocolates or candy flavors. Remember Belgian Chocolate may be expensive, but those who have had samples will say there is no comparison between standard chocolate and a Belgian chocolate.

One of our secret traits is using pressure cookers to make our desserts - One of our chefs is actually an advisor and recommends researching the best pressure cookers from various souces before making a purchase.

At Locolat we will live up to reputation of great quality in our Belgian desserts.


Discover pure Belgian chocolate candy bliss, or share it as a taste bud teaser to other chocolate lovers​


Chocolate truffles are traditionally made with ganache shaped into rough spheres by hand and covered in cocoa powder.​


​Using the finest quality, fresh, and season ingredients - Niel and Ada create a distrinctive taste, each cake sophisticated and delightful.